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Jet Lag

I’m off to Mongolia yet again. This will be my last trip there for a while. After this, the longest trip I currently have planned is to Spain for Eugene’s wedding, which is a whole different kettle of fish! After that, who knows?

So, I am now once again in the Northwest WorldClub in the Seoul airport. It is very civilized here: free wifi, free drinks, some small cookies and other snacks. And I’m not even a member; I’m a member of the Delta Crown Room, which doesn’t really have any locations outside the US, but luckily they have a deal with Northwest, which does.

Seoul Incheon airport makes a nice way station between home and Mongolia. Everything here is so modern and clean. On my way back from Mongolia I usually stay in the transit hotel here at the airport for a few hours, and then the difference is almost overwhelming. To come from dirty, messy UB, with the scratchy sheets, hard bed, and tiny pillows in my UB apartment, where getting hot water is tantamount to playing the lottery and you have to do your best to avoid the cockroaches and mosquitoes, to the transit hotel in Seoul Incheon, with the ultra-clean, ultra-modern room, with 300+ thread count sheets and fluffy down pillows….it’s like moving to another planet! I always give a huge sigh of relief and gratitude at having made it back to the 21st century, of a bit of comfort and predictability.

Unfortunately, going in this direction I have no such luck. The three hour layover doesn’t lend itself to staying in the transit hotel, and of course just the direction and timing argues in favor of toughing it out and staying awake as long as possible. So here I am in the World Club, a pro now at operating their very fancy espresso machine, having my third double of the hour.

If I have a better internet connection in Mongolia than I have lately I will try to keep this blog updated. Otherwise, perhaps on my way back…..